Time to draw breath - July 2018

  • Posted on: 15 July 2018

Mid July and we're into something of a quiet period. Weston, Medway and of course Yeovilton were immense with huge crowds inspired by the fantastic weather we're enjoying lately.

Images of these event taken by our own photographers can be found in our new photo album feature here. (Or under events in the navigation menu.)

This will be populated with historic events in due course.

In addition to these shows we've done a couple of school visits with another one scheduled for 28th July. August appears to be starting quietly but ends with displays at RAF Odiham and Brize Norton, a charity event on behalf of SSAFA and we're exploring the possibillity of a few other events later in September.

On top of the shows we're decorating the Sqn lines and making sure that our briefing facilities are fully functioning. We're also in the very early stages of planning an open day in order to entertain those of our supporters that want to get a little closer to us. It'll be a non flying affair but we hope to have Bourne Park fully manned and ready to entertain any interested parties. Date and details to follow.

Airbox Aerospace continue their unswerving support of our endeavours by continuing to provide privileged access to their outstanding Runway HD software and our charity work continues to grow. We have a couple of pilots currently unable to support the operation through illness, so we'd like to wish both Iain and Phil a speedy recovery.

The Gazelle Squadron is manned entirely by volunteers and when asked to explain how it works I always reply...."It's a bit like a steam railway, only with helicopters."

Our engineers continue to provide aircraft that consistently receive praise from a nostalgic public and that praise is testimony to their skill and commitment, the aircraft are a joy to fly and displaying them to the public is a privilege.